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A Letter from Patrick & Kathryn

Hello from sunny Florida!

We are a loving, active couple from Florida, excited to become first-time parents through adoption. We’re grateful for this chance to introduce ourselves! We had discussed adopting before we got married, and when we experienced infertility, we knew adoption was the path God had for us.

Six people in our family were adopted! Our whole family is excited and supportive of our plans to build our family this way.

We’d love to get to know you, or even meet, and hope to learn more about you and the wishes you have for your baby. We appreciate diversity and culture and are ready to welcome a boy or girl of any racial background into our family.

About Us

Our relationship is built on love, honesty, and open communication. The road to growing our family has been challenging, but has strengthened our faith and our relationship with each other. We are so ready and excited to become parents and share our lives as a mom and dad.

We love living in sunny Florida, where we can easily enjoy our favorite outdoor activities, like kayaking, hiking, swimming, and spending time at our family beach condo. And we always look forward to get-aways to places like Orlando or the Georgia mountains. We are excited for the day we can visit these destinations with our child! We love our city and neighborhood. We are fortunate to live in an active community that celebrates diversity and values arts, culture, and the environment, just like we do! At home, Patrick is quite the grill master, and we enjoy spending time on the patio, playing with our dog, and cheering on our favorite sports teams.

About Kathryn

Kathryn will be an amazing mother. She’s already an incredible aunt who enjoys time with our nephew and nieces. Kathryn is passionate about education, for herself and others. Through her work, she’s been dedicated to helping people meet their educational and personal goals, and I know she will share the same commitment to education with our future child.

The thing I love most about my wife is her heart. Kathryn is a nurturing and compassionate soul who always sees the best in people. She’s determined, successful, and inspiring. Kathryn’s faith is strong, and her capacity to love is endless. She is an amazing event planner (she will organize incredible birthday parties for our child!). Kathryn is also a wonderful cook, whipping-up everything from homemade meatballs to my favorite seafood boil. When she’s not trying a new recipe, she’s out enjoying water-sports at the beach or spending time with her loved ones.

About Patrick

To me, Patrick is a superhero of sorts. By day a professional Hospital Administrator, by night and on the weekends a fun-loving husband. He is the type of person I have always wanted to start a family with. When our time comes to be parents, I know he’ll be there for everything, from late-night feedings to changing dirty diapers. He will be a present father with love, joy, and a grateful heart.

Patrick enjoys walking our dog, watching the Mets play, and hanging out at the beach. He has a natural calmness about him, and always gives a sense of peace and security. I am excited to see him as a dad, fulfilling his lifelong dream playing catch with a son or daughter (or both!).

Our Family

Kathryn’s immediate family lives in the area, so we see each other often and love spending time as a family at the beach, or taking vacations together. Patrick has an aunt and uncle who live nearby, but the majority of Patrick’s family live in the New York area. We visit his family up north several times each year. His family loves to visit us in Florida as well, especially to escape the snowy winters for beach weather.

One of our favorite family traditions is decorating the Christmas tree, as one big family. Every year Kathryn’s family gathers to decorate her parents’ tree with keepsake ornaments from over their years together. We look forward to adding our child’s special ornaments one day!

Our Home in Florida

We own a fully remodeled one-story home with four bedrooms. There is space for a playroom, and a guest room for friends and family who visit.

We have a large back yard with a swim spa pool, a patio, and plenty of room for playing. Within walking distance is the water, playgrounds, churches, and an elementary school. Our neighborhood is well-established, safe, and family-friendly.

We have created a cheerful, welcoming nursery that is all ready for our future baby. We’re waiting to put the final touches on this special room until after we get to know you, so that we can include details that remind us of you, and celebrates all sides of our child’s story.

Our Promise

We promise your child unconditional love, safety, stability, a happy home, and opportunity. Your child will have the chance to pursue his or her passions with the support of two loving parents. We will provide a faith-based education with access to higher education. We appreciate diversity and will celebrate the unique parts of our child’s heritage or background.

As parents, we already look forward to trips to Disney World, Little League games, dance recitals, and family vacations. We will provide every opportunity we can for your child to experience the world and follow his or her dreams. If you’re comfortable, we would will gladly stay in contact with you through letters, pictures, and visits.

Thank you for considering us! To talk with us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Very thoughtfully, Patrick & Kathryn

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An audio message from Patrick & Kathryn

  Patrick Kathryn
Our EducationSome CollegeMaster's in Education
Our ProfessionsHospital AdministratorUniversity Administrator
Stay-At-HomeNoNo, but I'll have maternity leave for at least the first 6 months after we adopt
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasianCaucasian
Some of Patrick & Kathryn's Favorites
What is your favorite food?Cheeseburger and fries Italian
Place I'd like to travel toHawaii US National Parks
What is your favorite musical genre?90's Grunge 80's Pop/Rock
Favorite Holiday St. Patrick's Day Christmas
Disney Park that I can't wait to visit as a familyHollywood Studios (looking forward to passing along my Star Wars knowledge)Animal Kingdom (I can’t wait to see all the animals with our child!)
Favorite Memory TogetherSeeing Kathryn come down the aisle at our wedding.The first night we spent in our home. A dream come true!
VacationCruise to CubaHoneymoon in Napa Valley, CA
More About Our Family
Why are we adopting?

We are both committed to this journey and feel called to be parents. There is so much we want to share with our child. From impromptu dance parties to travel, we can’t wait to cherish every moment (and we will!).

We will be there for them for the rest of our lives whenever they need us. We will be there to help with homework, cheering in the stands when they hit the home run, to kiss boo-boo’s when they fall, to celebrate when they get their driver’s license, to take pictures on prom night and we will be there to mend their first broken heart. Not a day goes by that we don’t say to each other how wonderful it will be to share our life and our many blessings with a child.

Our Faith

We are both practicing Catholics. Patrick spent many years in Catholic school, and we are blessed to offer that same opportunity to our child. We believe that religious education provides a chance to develop emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually. We attend a local Catholic Church/school where many of our friends' children attend. We participate in many school activities and look forward to doing so with our child.

Favorite Family Traditions

• Gathering to decorate the Christmas tree at Kathryn’s parents’ home. We love collecting personalized ornaments for the tree, and look forward to adding ornaments with our child’s name.
• Fourth of July fireworks at our beach condo
• Celebrating birthdays at Disney
• Handing out Halloween candy on our porch

Our Pets

We share our home with two loveable pets, our fluffy Labradoodle, Joey, and our oversized cat, Jasper.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn to one year (12 months)


YES! We would love to adopt twins.


We are so excited to welcome a baby girl or boy.

Sibling Group

Yes, with the oldest up to 4 years old.

In Closing

Thank you for viewing our profile. If you think you might like to join us on this journey please contact us at 1-800-923-6784. We are open to letters, photos, and visits. We are excited to get to know you and the hopes you have for your baby's future!

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